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Neither one of them worked for me sadly but thanks for trying. I now need another solution. Regards David. Have tried both solutions but neither of them work. What should I do now??? Olie, Please guide me how did you do it…I am really stuck here with the lost file. Pulling stunts like this reminds me of the reason why.

I now have to access my mail through my phone. Shame the only way to get it to work again will be to downgrade my computer. Apple- get your act together. There is serious competition out there. Many thanks! Offline messages on and off in all accounts. Your 2 work around fixed the issue…. Man, I was tired of that. Dear Sir, I have goofed up badly.

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I have deleted false and true thing and now I am not being able to either send mails like before nor I can delete the existing mails incoming from gmail.. Option 2 worked — thanks. Shame I had to go through all that to solve the problem. Really disappointed with Yosemite and mac. Very disappointed in Yosemite: I had hoped by waiting a few months the bigger bugs would be fixed but apparently not. Yeah so fix 1 adding your password some how deleted thousands of emails in my inbox?

That I needed! I do not have a problem with receiving my emails. My mail appears to be sending, however, when I checked my sent mail it also shows I have 61 emails in my outbox. A few days ago when I open the Outbox and scroll to the bottom, there was a message saying: I would appreciate it if anybody could offer suggestions that might help.

Gee that sure has a lot to do with email in OS X! Tell us more about, JUDY? I have been on the phone with their tech support for over 8 hours and now have been on hold for 15 minutes. Apple can stick this new computer up their collective masses. As a client of mine ran into the same SMTP issues when he migrated to my mail server, I was asked to get his mail going on Yosemite. It seems one has to wait about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes, to see the changes taking effect.

After doing many changes quickly without any results, I set the thing up as I thought it should work, and got into a conference. When I returned about 45 minutes later, everything worked perfectly well. I have a few different ones i use though the app. I removed the account. Deleted all of those. Not sure why it seems to randomly stop working, but this worked for me. Alternatively, the app MailTab Pro for Gmail is worth the couple bucks to not have to deal with this. Works every time. Over time, all connections to Gmail, comcast and Yahoo have gone off line.

Microsoft Outlook continues to work fine. So, I tried option 1 and it fixed Gmail and Comcast issues. Option 2 fixed the Yahoo issue and I was able to send a message through Yahoo and it worked.

Can't Send Emails from iPhone / iPad - Solution

I have just configured gmail to poll my Yahoo account and I will just stop using Yahoo as my primary. After backing up everything I could lay my cursor on, I did a clean install. The only option to reinstall was Yosemite which I proceeded with. The problem still exists, exactly as it was in Mavericks. The clean install made my external hard drive disappear off my list of devices. Now my problems are manifold. There has been no improvement in the O. Outbox disfunction. I have been trying to sort this out for ages.

Yahoo mail appeared online, all setting correct but would not get new mail. Hey Apple! This is my second try at Yosemite. Email still does not work although in three months a number of other bus and glitches seam to have improved. By following this page I simply added many new messages in my Outbox, none of which I can remove. The only way to quit Mail is to Force Quit…this cannot be the right way to treat a machine! I did some reconfiguration, deleted my Yahoo mail account then added it again, using a new authentication app specific password from Yahoo.

I could not see any single email. All other contents contacts, notes, calendar, reminders works except mail. Thanks for the solution. Useful and fast remedy. I am not a computer freak but in 5 mins I ve spotted and solved the problem. Thank you so so much! I have been trying to fix this problem for months. What an easy solution! It feels good to finally have my Mail app back.

Google Mail has a couple of settings now that may prohibit your Mac from sending mail. You will need to go into your profile settings on Google and either turn on Access for Less Secured Apps or if using Two-Factor Authentication, generate an App specific password. That should fix this issue for you. Before that it was not an issue. See info here: One more thing: Google has a good page on settings specific to your app: Stupid software bugs, lol. I have been struggling with this mess for months, super annoyed with Apple.

Now I can not get in to my mail server as Communigate says: What the heck?? I hate Yosemite and Apple. Hi, this annoying problem of mail not being able to send anything at all appeared today morning out of nowhere. I tried this but now all of my mail accts are gone! I made a copy and moved it to my desktop and now neither of those folders have my email acc data in them. Second tip worked for me. Since installing Yosemite, all my Gandi. The only solution prior to this was a complete reboot. Mail has been crap since Lion. Accounts automatically resetting the SSL setting, popping up and requesting a password or saying the cert is invalid.

If you have more than a couple of accounts and thousands of emails archived, it slows to a crawl, requiring a rebuild of the email database frequently. What happened to the elegance? What a goofy childish design. I would go back to a Windoze machine but they are worse. Like others I had the same problem with Gmail. Tried the suggestions listed here and mucked around with the SMTP server list. Nothing helped. Finally in frustration deleted Google from the Internet Accounts, and added it back. That fixed it. Weirdness was that the configuration was problem free for months after upgrades from Mountain Lion, Mavericks and finally Yosemite.

I wonder if Google has made a change on acceptable authentication parameters…. AccountName Gmail. SecurityLayerType 3. Username username gmail. If I have spare time hahahahaha I'll try to figure out if one or both of these is responsible for the odd behavior. As I have not yet checked the XML plist for corruption, that could be a possible cause as well. Well, the fix of the plist lasted about 1 day, and the behavior of the SMTP server not working is back… boo. It makes Mail unusable.

This only started after I upgraded to a new Macbook pro Thank you for the great tip! Editing the Account. I was messing around for one week …. Second, disabling secure authentication is not a fix! Its a workaround at best, and an insecure one. Not to mention that some people may not even realize that you are basically telling them to send mail in an insecure way, like the guy above who now happily sends company mails over insecure connections. Thank god I found this post! Had a weird problem where it was asking for an SMTP password for an account that was long since completely deleted from Mail.

You saved me some grey hair! Since I updated to Yosemite Its been over a month and I still have the problem… cant believe apple could suck this bad. Ive been an apple user since back to …. I hear you; as soon as I bought my first Macbook, I was hooked! I purchased a Macbook Yosemite and guess what??? Same problem! Anyway, after fiddling for a thousand years, this is what worked for me on my new laptop Yosemite. These are rather detailed instructions for what worked for me.

I now can finally send securely, authenticated and reliably, in Close Apple Mail. Remove internet password entries that are SMTP connections to the server you cannot connect to. Close Keychain Access. Restart the computer 2. Close down virus checking software 3. Close down any running apps for monitoring connections, such as Little Snitch and Hands Off. Open Apple Mail 2. Click on the account for which SMTP is not functioning 4.

If Mail keeps asking for your email password

Create a new SMTP server by clicking the plus sign. Type in the SMTP information that you know should work. A pop-up window pops up, asking you to trust a certificate. Carefully note down the name of the certificate. In my case, the certificate was issued by Comodo 3. You must trust this certificate. Open Keychain Access 5. Click on the certificate 7. Close the certificate window Close the Keychain Access app.

Key points: I too have spent an absolute eternity trying to fix this problem of getting and being able to read incoming mail, but not send since installing yosemite. Cursing my once loved Apple, swearing never to buy another. I discovered that — for whatever reason — they were not all the same. No joy. So I eliminated the Yahoo account on Mail — I had to go through internet accounts to do this. I then set up Yahoo on Mail again — my name, email address and password.

Hey presto! It works! I stopped using mail a year ago and went to Unibox after trying to fix problem. Both mails gmail and my company s mail working perfectly Many thanks!!!!!!! Very frustrating. I have the exact symptoms mentioned above in sending email with Yosemite OSX. Even with changing UserAllowsInsecureAuthentication in four places for three accounts in the specified file I still get send failures. I can send from my iPhone and Mac laptop just fine. Anyone else have an issue like this? Neither fix worked for me. Laptop I use comcast. The problem started right after I got the I already bumped into these solutions and tried them.

We tried ports , , SSL on and off.. So no go on my end. I selected this box and the problem disappeared. I updated my iMac Outlook works fine with my att yahoo accounts but nags me to enter the pwd. I removed the gmail account from Outlook and started over creating a new account and it does the same thing. Outlook simply hangs and Mail client is unable to save setting changes in preferences. I only have 2 email accounts set in Mail, 1 Google and 1 Exchange. I found a solution, which in my case, helps greatly in Yosemite to keep Mac Mail online, and if it does go offline, makes it much easier to reconnect.

Common issues with Apple Mail - Media Temple

In Internet Accounts, click on each mail account. Try using Mail now for a week or so. I hope it works for others! Excellent tip, the second option with editing of the. Non of the 2 option s worked for me. The last time I had this issues I needed to remove all accounts and add them again but this is not working this time. Then eventually with the Manage settings box ticked only in Outgoing server but unticked in the mail account settings it worked!!!

People the solution is to create an app specific password for Mail from your Apple ID page in Safari. It worked! I did have to re-enter my full email address in step one because it only showed my user part. It worked fine for me this time. Many thanks. I have also tried all other fixes suggested online. I completely deleted the email account and set it up from scratch, which solved the problem for a couple of days. Sometimes closing mail down and reopening releases the problem, but not at the moment. If I could return to Mavericks I would, but too much time has elapsed and backups from when I had mavericks are too old and incomplete.

This is a problem because its the only browser that my work webmail works with. None of the suggested fixes helped with that one either.

Can't Send Email in Apple Mail

Mine was already in True and it has exactly the same problems… Apple are horrible to ignore this and not send any fixes. Shame on Apple. Question since I am not programmer savvy, does this change in the plist put my mail at risk? The article specifies twice the following:. It has exactly the problem described here since I upgraded from Mavericks; i. The only way I currently have to send email is to reboot from my Mavericks partition, in all of which the Mail Accounts information is identical to what is in El Capitan. Neither solution worked for me. Might as well switch back to Windows as Apple are really starting to suck in many areas — this just being one.

I tried everything.

The problem was that when adding a new server in mac mail you can make a mistake very easily. Under description I had a random name to describe my location but it actually has to be the outgoing server name. So you basically have to enter the outgoing server name twice under description and server name. Hope this helps. Wonderful information. Thank you for sharing! I was having all the same problems nothing worked.

But I found an offending app that was running. Turned it off and I could email again. Something was conflicting about that app. From the Mail app select the Window pulldown menu, then select Connection Doctor. If the password entry is blank, enter your Gmail password and click OK. Obviously this is working for a lot of people but every time I try to follow your instructions, my Mac does not show the same options in the Mail menus — very frustrating.

I started by being unable to send email from any of the 3 different gmail accounts I have for different traffic. If I saved them as drafts though, they appeared in Gmail on webmail and I was able to send from there. That no longer works. My advanced tab in Mail does not give me the options you show.

It is all a bit beyond me and it is not OK not being able to use email. Any other ideas. My Advanced tab, just shows a TLS certificate box while serve settings is greyed out and I cannot do anything with it. Please if someone have a solution for my problem please let me know asap.

Have three websites that say to update their password — enter name and email address. However the temporary password email never arrives. No what? Go to iCloud.

Troubleshooting Apple Mail and a Dimmed Send Button

Go to the Mail app within iCloud. Send yourself an email with anything on it. Everything now works as it should. Even Mail on your desktop works after this. If you set up your windows just right you can actually see it changing to working status. That worked for me after a whole day of trying everything else you can imagine except reinstalling everything as some people recommend doing.

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